Sanity check!

This morning I realized that I’ve been doing this training thing for 3 months now, so I thought it would be a good idea to assess where I am, physically and mentally. I started my walking regimen in March and to date, I have logged over 135 miles. That’s a lot for my little legs! I haven’t really lost any weight, but then again, I haven’t really focused on that. My focus was just getting out there and walking. I’ve probably lost inches, but I’m not going to measure until after my 2nd half-marathon.

I think my biggest accomplishment to date has been how much faster I’m walking. When I started, my pace was all over the place. My “timed mile” at the Stanford track was 20:22. Some workouts I had a few 15 minute miles, but those would be followed with 19-20 minute miles. No consistency, just random spurts of energy, it seems. This past weekend, when I walked 10 miles, my average pace was 15:39. On that day, I even had a 13+ minute mile! If I can average 16 minutes per mile, I should reach my goal of completing the half-marathon under 4 hours.

So where am I mentally? A good place, I think. I’m not scared of doing the 13.1 miles anymore … I’ve done 10 miles, so adding 3 more won’t be difficult. I’ve been working on my hydration and thinking about what I should eat/drink before and during the race. I’m feeling comfortable with the plan I’ve come up with, so  I think I’m prepared.

In my life in general, I’m a super procrastinator, so I’m rather proud of myself that I’ve taken the time to do research, prepare myself mentally and physically for the “big walk” and do this with relatively little stress. Yeah me! 🙂


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