Water is the only drink for a wise man (Henry David Thoreau)

Lately we’ve all been talking about hydration and asking ourselves “what is our ‘hydration plan’?” A plan? Gotta say, that had never occurred to me. I mean, just drink when you’re thirsty, right? Not so, not so! When you’re doing something like distance walking, you have to consider how long you’re going to be exercising, should you drink water or some kind of sports drink, and so on.

I started doing a little bit of research on the subject and found a lot of information out there. I’m a big fan of the Mayo Clinic, so when my search turned up a link to their site, I had to read it. “Water: How much should you drink every day?” has some good information, such as noting that you should be drinking FLUIDS every day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be water. Another key tidbit (which is sort of duh! but it doesn’t hurt to repeat it) is that if you’re exercising, you need to hydrate. I realize it sounds so obvious, but it’s like when you’re doing something and someone says “Breathe!” and you realize you haven’t been breathing at all. If you think about it, maybe you haven’t been drinking (water, something) at all!

This next article came from a website called Girlfriends in Training. They wrote a paper called “Hydration for Distance Running and Walking” and it had some good info for me. First of all, I really liked that they mentioned distance walking! Secondly, they talked about sports drinks and sports gels and explained a little about them. Lastly, I liked their logo, LOL!

I’ve got just over 5 weeks till my first half-marathon. I’m starting to increase my water intake now, so that my body can start getting used to it. I’m exploring different kinds of sports gels and sports drinks (luckily, event websites post what kind of sports drink they’ll be providing during the races … this gives me a chance to try them out to see if a) I like the taste and b) do they affect my tummy. Nothing is worse than feeling crappy while walking!

Onwards and upwards!


2 thoughts on “Water is the only drink for a wise man (Henry David Thoreau)

  1. Hey Phyllis! I walked a 1/2 mile yesterday! Only 12-1/2 to go, and I’ll have caught up with you! 😉

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