Suit up!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I am a plus-size woman. I have curves in all the right places, but a few in the wrong places, too. So why do I bring this up? Because apparently, if you’re plus-size, you don’t really want workout gear. Huh?? It is really, really difficult to find sports tops, pants, underwear and bras that fit the more “well rounded” woman. Kudos to Junonia for being just about the only place that provides activewear for my size and up. That said, their selection is a bit sparse.

I go to places like lucy or lululemon and I see tons of cute pants, shirts, sports bras, underwear … all going up to size XL (IF I’m lucky!). Well, that just ain’t gonna cut it! Plus-size women start at 1X, which is larger than XL. Now I’m slightly fortunate, in that I can fit into lucy yoga pants and capris, but that’s because my lower half is not as plus-size as my top half 😉 For tops, I’m stuck. For my distance walking, I would like to wear tops that are not constricting (reading between the lines: don’t hug my belly!) and that wick away the sweat. I have to go to the men’s section to find something that I feel comfortable wearing in public. Even those are slightly tighter than I’d want but they’re way better than the tiny tank tops that seem to dominate the women’s section.

I spent hours online looking for activewear underwear recently. I needed that ever-s0-important wicking capability, so that I don’t develop skin problems while walking. Only Junonia had a pair that was plus-size and honestly, those looked awful (can you say “granny panties”?). One type only, no real color choices. Again, I’m lucky that I can fit into an XL so I got a pair of Patagonia panties in a cute purple color … but what do other women do who need the larger sizes because they’re starting on their fitness journey? They have to suffer using regular underwear and dealing with chafing. It’s things like this that cause people to start, then stop, getting fit. They must figure “Why should I keep doing this, when every time I get a horrible rash?”

FRUSTRATING! It’s really no wonder that I have tons of shoes at home … I can always find shoes that fit!



One thought on “Suit up!

  1. OMG! I am SOO with you on this one! Just ONCE I’d like to find a sports bra to fit my G cup boobs so I can exercise without jiggling so much I knock a tooth out!

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