Good God, don’t LOOK at me!!

This past weekend our team training walk was at Sawyer Camp Trail. What a simply gorgeous place to walk! You walk right along reservoir, you’re in the midst of gorgeous trees, plants and flowers, you’re just in the middle of nature. I even walked by a small deer, who was eating grass right along the trail. I mean, *right* there … I was no more than 3 feet from him! It was serene and beautiful.

A lot of people walk, run and bike along this trail. I was there pretty early, but there were still plenty of people on the trail. As I’m walking along, enjoying the morning, I try and make eye contact so that I can say “Morning!” Nothing. Nada. Nary an eye sidled my way. What’s up with that? No weekend friendliness? It was ruining my good mood, I tell ya!

So I decided to take them on. Instead of waiting for the never-gonna-happen eye contact, I just blurted out a cheery “Morning!” Almost every person responded (some didn’t, because it seemed like their earbuds are smashed into their ears and the music must have been blaring), but I think I got about a 90% ROI on my greeting 😉 Some people were surprised but seemed happy that someone took the time to greet them. Others mumbled a short “morning” and moved on. A few seemed quite wary (which to me is a bit of sad reflection on either what they think of others or society in general … I won’t delve into that. Too much deep thinking!)

I have to say that by the end of my morning trek, I was happy that I’d taken the initiative to greet people. I can hope that they “paid it forward” and brightened someone else’s day with a simple “Morning!”

P.S. I walked 5 miles on this training! I’ve never walked that far in one go before. I’m breaking my arm, patting myself on the back!


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