Stretch Goals

If you work and have a boss, you have goals. Your boss assigns them to you or you come up with your own. Some of those goals will be “stretch” goals, meaning you need to work just a little harder to achieve them. Bah, I say! Let’s take this literally!

Literally, you say? Yes, literally. I need to make it a goal to do the proper stretching before and after I walk. This is something I have a tendency to just forget/skip/not care about. I’m starting to care a LOT now, because I have some ankle issues when I walk.

Did you know there are two different kinds of stretching you do before you walk (or run, for that matter)? Before you walk, you should do dynamic stretching. which is moving your body in a controlled manner to begin warming up your muscles. The opposite of dynamic stretching is static stretching, which you do after your walk/run/workout and is basically holding a pose while stretching your muscle.

I really do learn so much about walking in general and specifically about different parts of my body as I continue this walking journey.


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