The first week is done!

I have completed and survived my first week of training! Phew! Admittedly, it wasn’t a super strenuous week, but for me, easing into things is the best. I walked about 8-1/4 miles this week, which is a record for this non-athlete 😉 Each week I increase the distance I walk, so next week should be a higher number.

I walked twice with my team, which is a great way to be distracted. We went on a 3-mile walk yesterday and with all the chatting I did, the time flew by. Admittedly, near the end I felt I was walking too slow, so I picked up the pace and walked on alone. It was my version of “breaking away from the peloton”! I did improve my pace (which is how long it takes me to walk one mile), so that was good. I want to keep improving my pace, because if I go too slow, it’ll take me hours to finish a half-marathon!

By the way, in case you weren’t aware of the actual distance of a half-marathon, it’s 13.1 miles. Yes, that’s right, MILES. Metrically speaking, that’s just over 21 kilometers. So yesterday I bought new walking shoes. Walkers don’t need a ton of equipment like, say, a skier, but the right shoes make all the difference. I also bought some special socks made for runners/walkers. Did you know that during a half-marathon, your feet could sweat out up to 8 oz. of liquid? Imagine if you had crappy socks that just remained sloshy during your walk. Eeeuuww! Definitely a good investment to get the right socks.

OK, I’ve digressed. Yes, it’s a long distance and yes, it’s great to get the right equipment. Now it’s time to turn up the heat and do a longer walk next week. Stay tuned for the mileage update!


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