Now it’s personal …

When I picked Team Challenge, it was because they were a team training group that had walkers. As many of you may know, I’m no runner! Now, though, I’m glad I picked Team Challenge for a completely different reason: it’s personal.

As I’ve been telling people about my goal and asking people to donate funds, I’m hearing more and more about people who are afflicted with Crohn’s or colitis. My friend (and boss) mentioned that she has Crohn’s. My niece is a sufferer. Friends tell me of their friends who have colitis. It’s really prevalent, but it’s a secret affliction. No one wants to really talk about it.

I suspect that if you were to tell a friend that you were donating to this organization, they’d immediately tell you that they know someone who suffers from Crohn’s or colitis. It’s really astounding how many people have this awful, painful disease.

I’m glad I’m walking for a good cause. I’m meeting and hearing about people who are in great pain and I’m happy I’m doing my part to help cure this. I hope everyone joins me in this effort.

My fundraising page is here: Won’t you please donate?


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