The start of the first week

So I was on vacation last week and only got one small 2-mile walk done. I spent many hours meandering through stores and other places on my vacation, but no real training.

Today … I START! I was up at 4:45 to do a 2-mile walk. I’m using MapMyWalk to create walking maps in my neighborhood. MapMyWalk also has a smartphone app that uses GPS to track you (if you want) so that it can show you where you are on one of the maps you’ve created and sent to your phone. At the end of your walk, you can post your workout on Facebook (if you’re into advertising what you’re doing!). I like using MapMyWalk because it keeps track of all my various workouts. One glitch I did notice this morning, though, is that all the walks I’d created last weekend somehow disappeared. I’ll have to see what happened there!

A typical week for my training is a multi-mile walk on Mondays (I’m starting at 2 miles, then will work up to 3 miles, 4 miles and so on). Tuesday is a rest day. Wednesday I’ll meet with other participants in Team Challenge for a team workout. We’ll be at Stanford for that workout. Thursday is a rest day. Friday is a short 20-25 minute walk. Saturday I meet with other participants (and the Team Challenge coaches) for a multi-mile walk (I think we’ll start with 3-4 miles and eventually work our way up to 9+ miles). Sunday is an “active recovery or rest” day. Active recovery means some other kind of workout, rather than walking.

Next up for me (besides the actual walking!) is to start my fundraising. I’ve created my fundraising page and now will start emailing family and friends for their donations.

Thunderbirds are GO!


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