Motivation or Shame? Advertising a goal

I think it’s always hard to admit you’re trying something new, because the more people who know, the more people who might … uh … have a “reaction” if you fail to reach your goal. So I’m wondering if advertising a goal makes you more motivated to reach it, or shames you into reaching it (so that you don’t look like a loser for not achieving it)? I think we’ve all experienced this when we go on a … um … diet.

I’m gonna think positive and think it motivates me, so I’m now advertising that I’m taking part in Team Challenge to walk a half-marathon in June. Or July. Depends on which race I go to. Team Challenge raises money to help with Crohn’s and Colitis research, which is a great thing to do. To be honest, though, the reason I chose this group vs. Team in Training or any other group was that they offer a walking option for their races. I’m no runner, that’s for sure!

So in the next 20 weeks or so, you’re going to see posts about my walking adventures. I’m using MapMyWalk to track my training and hopefully posts like these on my blog will keep me going.

I should warn you: You’re all going to see posts on this blog, on Facebook and in emails from me asking for donations to the cause. That’s the toughest part for me, because I’m not so great with the fundraising stuff, but I will do my very best. (I think walking 13.1 miles is easier than fundraising!) Ultimately, though, it’s for a good cause.

Ready! Set! GO!


4 thoughts on “Motivation or Shame? Advertising a goal

  1. Motivation is a very complex topic, I have a blog all about types of motivation which you might find interesting! Check it out for that and also exercise and training advise

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