When a door closes, a window opens

For 2012, this is the saying that will be going through my head as I start my search for a new job. In November, Adobe had a significant layoff and I was one of the casualties. My last day is January 6 and then I start the big job hunt.

I leave Adobe with a bit of a heavy heart, as I’ve spent 7 years there and have enjoyed working with so many different people all over the world. However, layoffs are something everyone in the Silicon Valley (and around the country) deals with and after having survived 5 others layoffs during my time at Adobe, I suppose it was now my turn.

I’m really looking forward to find another great place to work. The economy seems to be improving slightly, and I hope that continues into 2012.

If you know of any company that needs a great program manager in the Silicon Valley, let me know!

Craig is very busy in his position as a project manager with Sutter Health Support Services and enjoys his work very much. This spring, he was a key player in getting a new hospital’s IT infrastructure set up, as well as a team leader in a large software and hardware installation during the fall. The new year promises to bring him many projects to manage, so he’ll be busy all year long.


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