Treasures from the past

This January, my three sisters came to visit and we spent the whole weekend sorting through our family photo albums. Oh, the treasures we found! We reminisced over baby and childhood photos, pictures of our parents as young adults, and family events over the last 50 years. It was so much fun!

We discovered my father’s passport from Thailand, when he was a POW runaway and called himself “Saman Youtahad”. We also found a postcard that my aunt (my father’s oldest sister) sent him while he was a prisoner of war in a Japanese internment camp. It was written in Indonesian so we didn’t understand it, but it was a fascinating artifact from such a historical time.

Another hidden gem was finding some pre-war photos of my mother and her family. That’s WWII, in case you were wondering 😉 We scanned one photo and posted it on Shorpy, a website where people can post all sorts of vintage photographs.

Amsterdam 1937

I had asked my aunt about this photo and she told me all about who was in it and some other family history. We posted some of that information on the Shorpy posting, and then the most interesting thing happened: someone emailed Craig and said “Those are my parents!” I’ve since been in touch with my distant cousin. What a small world, isn’t it?

A resolution for 2012 will be to scan more and more of the old photographs and post them online.


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