I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.

Ah, Mark Twain certainly has a way with words!

This year, Craig and I enrolled at the University of California, Santa Cruz extension to earn a certificate in Project and Program Management. Since we’re both project managers, although in different fields, we felt it was really important to get some of kind of educational basis for best project management practices.

We started our “school daze” in September 2010 and have completed all but one course in the program. We should be finished by February 2012. Once we receive our certificate, we will be able to add the designation of PPM (Professional Program Manager) and MPM (Master Program Manager) to our business cards.

We’ve had some great classes and some boring classes. We’ve met some interesting people during all our group work and have really learned a lot that we can apply to our jobs.

The one slight drawback to going to school: we didn’t participate in as many other other activities as we normally would. Well, 2012 is a new year and we’ll be out in full force with our cars, our motorcycles, and lots of other entertaining events!


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