Won’t you be my neighbor?

At our “home base”, we live on a fairly busy street. We know our neighbors by name and do the “hiya” wave when we see them, but don’t always stop for a chat. Up in the mountains, though, it seems like people are more inclined to come introduce themselves, tell their stories and share their homes. I know I’m generalizing and that I don’t necessarily give our “home base” neighbors the benefit of the doubt, but it just *seems* that folks up in the mountain communities open up more quickly. Keep in mind that I’m more like the “home base” people than the mountain neighbors. I don’t readily share, but it’s lovely when people do. Good thing there’s a Craig in our household who always welcomes everyone!

Our next door neighbor up at the cabin is a weekender like we are, and we finally crossed paths about a week ago. He saw us enjoying the outside deck and came over and introduced himself. Like many of our neighbors, he’s from the Bay Area and has had a house in Arnold for a number of years. He is quite gregarious and has led a varied and interesting life. And, to add icing to the cake, he owns an old Harley motorcycle, so once again, vintage bikes are part of the conversation!

Our neighborhood is a mix of full-time residents and weekenders. The full-timers are great in that they watch over the weekender houses when we’re away, and call us if they have questions or observe anything that seems out of the ordinary. Their watchfulness certainly makes me feel better as we slave away at our day jobs during the week!

I’m going to enjoy meeting more of our neighbors and getting to know them.


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