Scotweb — a shopper’s delight for all things Scottish!

OK, I’m sure you’re all thinking “Scottish? But aren’t you Dutch??” Well, yes, my parents were Dutch and I’m Dutch-American, but hubby comes from Welsh and Scottish stock waaay back in the day, so we’ve embraced a bit of the Scots since it’s so much fun.

To that end, when we got married, hubby rented a full formal kilt ensemble and then he was hooked. He wanted his own kilt, in his family’s tartan.

Hubby and me at our wedding

So, without further ado, we started doing our searches for getting a custom tartan and full kilt ensemble and found Scotweb, a company in Scotland that makes custom kilts from literally thousands of tartan patterns. We ordered a full formal ensemble for the hubby and I got into the action, too, and ordered a ladies kilted skirt in the same pattern. Each time we wear our outfits together, we get so many compliments.Thanks, Scotweb, for having everything we needed to make Scottish heritage shine here in California!

Hubby and me in our Scotweb finery!


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