Why this blog?

Most people just want to know why you start a blog. Well, this one is to document my adventures in my 1960 Metropolitan. What a terrific car! I’ve wanted this car for a long time, even before I knew what it was. I’d ogled the few Mets I’d seen over the years, but it was only about 6 or 7 years ago that I found out what kind of car it was. Craig and I were in Los Gatos, and a beautiful yellow-and-white Met convertible drove by. I ooh’d and aah’d and Craig said “Oh that’s a Nash Metropolitan”. My car love had a name!

After many years of passing Met thoughts, we finally decided to buy me a vintage car for group drives, toodling around town, and most importantly, the California Melee. Since Craig has his “fun car” (a 1968 Morris Mini Minor), I wanted my own!

After a relatively short search, we found a Met that had recently been restored by a Met aficionado in Oakland, one Harold DeMoss. Harold restores one Met per year and we luckily caught him when he had just finished this restoration. What a beauty! Harold made sure that we were the right folks to take over the care of his baby, so Craig had to demonstrate all his vehicular know-how. Luckily, Craig has LOTS of vehicular know-how! A deal was struck and the Met was mine! We’ve named her Aqua Met, since she is a gorgeous aqua-and-white color.

After some issues were ironed out, the most important being that drum brakes + Phyllis driving don’t equal a good time, the car now runs magnificently. Craig did a disk brake conversion, so no more losing my brakes when going downhill on the twisties (and yes, that did happen … scary!)

We’ve gone on a few group drives this year, which I’ll detail in other blog entries. What fun!


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