Obey the Purebreed

Not all reviews are for restaurants and hotels. Face it, once Craig and I find a good restaurant, we’re repeat customers and we have to force ourselves to go to other places!

This is about a website I found just yesterday, when I was looking for a Boston Terrier t-shirt. I decided I need to show my love for my dog, Philo, and get a shirt that showcased his peeps. Google to the rescue and I found Obey the Purebreed.

What a FUN site! They cover nearly every dog breed, but also have lots of cat stuff. I mean, of course, considering the site is run by “Chairman Meow”. Take a look at the things that are offered and carefully read the descriptions. They’re very clever and you’ll definitely laugh out loud. (I did!)

The team at Obey the Purebreed is very responsive to emails, which impresses me a lot. I ordered some t-shirts today and they’ll show up in a week or so. Since the shirts come via Cafe Press, I’m pretty confident they’ll be good quality. I’ll update this post with new info if needed.

Go forth and OBEY THE BOSTON!


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