Christmas Dinner (Dec 25, 2008)

The Event

This year we took it easy. I really didn’t want to go all out, after having such a big Thanksgiving dinner and then a cocktail party under my belt. We decided to order a smoked ham from a place in Texas and the rest was pretty low key.

I did decide to make a British bread-and-butter pudding, which was FABULOUS! So much better than standard bread pudding. A definite keeper recipe.


  • Smoked ham from Opa’s Smoked Meats
  • Baked potato with butter and sour cream
  • Broiled asparagus
  • Bread-and-butter pudding (Best British Recipes cookbook)


Just Craig and me!

Food Notes

  • You need double cream for the b-n-b pudding. Luckily we have a British store just down the street. You can also buy this online. I accidentally used double the amount in the recipe; no wonder this was so good!
  • The ham was delicious. We just warmed it up in the microwave, which was heavenly cooking for me! We’d do this again.


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