Christmas Dinner (Dec 25, 2007)

The Event

Another Christmas and our first Christmas goose! Phew! Craig and I have both read books of the typical English Christmas goose (and I’ve read the Little House books) so we decided to try it. I was surprised that a goose was pretty easy to get. It was readily available at Safeway. The smallest they had was just under 9 pounds, which was perfect for us.


  • Goose (Cook’s Illustrated online)
  • Prune and apple stuffing (Cook’s Illustrated online)
  • Red wine giblet gravy (Cook’s Illustrated online): I used homemade stock
  • Mashed potatoes (Make-Ahead Receipe)
  • Cranberry relish (Best Recipe)
  • Steamed asparagus


We had no guests this year. We just had a lovely dinner for two!

Food Notes

  • Goose is quite fatty. I removed a lot fat at the start (using the Cook’s Illustrated de-fatting method, using snips in the skin and blanching in boiling water), yet still a lot of fat came out during roasting. Amazingly, the meat was quite moist and the skin very crispy (after roasting) and wasn’t fat at all. All of the goose is dark meat, even the breast. By the time dinner came around, though, I wasn’t hungry so I only had a small bite of goose. Craig liked it, saying it tasted a bit like beef. The entire meal was quite rich, though, so no seconds for either of us! I was glad I never made dessert. Would I make goose again? Maybe … in about 10 years!
  • Craig had requested that the asparagus was steamed, and steamed until light green and totally limp. He loved it, I thought it tasted awful. I doubt I’d do that again.


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