The start of a new blog

So why another blog? I mean, I already have one (My Melangerie), so why start another one? Well, this is why: About a year or so ago, I decided to starting a “dining diary”, where I could list different dinners that Craig and I have hosted, along with menus, what I learned from creating the meal, what tips for the next time we ate “x” dish, guests, and any other tidbits I thought would be nice to remember.

The problem is, the diary is very low-tech, requiring me to … um … well, write by hand. As much as I like seeing something handwritten, the truth is that I never see to remember to write, so the diary languishes for long periods of time and then I have to remember that we had a dinner party and go back and try and recall all the things I want to for the dinner.

The reality is that I type much, much faster than I write, so I decided to start a “dining blog” instead and make the diary entries electronic. I hope I remember to update this!

For my first entries, I’m going to go back in time and write about past dinner parties. Eventually, I’ll catch up to the present.


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