The Annual Oscar Party (Feb 25, 2007)

The Event

I kept it very simple this year (this was the 13th year I’ve had this party). Instead of inviting a lot of people and making a big dinner, I only invited a small group and we ordered Chinese food from Oxford Street. We ordered a variety of dishes: cashew chicken, Oxford crispy beef, vegetable mushu, sweet & sour shrimp … just a little of everything.

For dessert, I did decide to make something homemade: pound cake with apricot jam in the middle and “frosted” with whipped cream. It just reminded me of Mama, sinc ethat was a dessert she used to make. The one difference is that Mama used a Sara Lee pound cake.


  • Take-out Chinese from Oxford Street Restaurant
  • Pound Cake with an apricot jam filling and covered with whipped cream (Best Recipe for the cake; Mom’s old way of serving pound cake with jam and whipped cream)

  • Nancy Lane
  • Aziza Simpson
  • Kathy Bryant
  • Renee Greenstein

Food Notes

I used my little food chopper to process the apricot jam. BIG MISTAKE! It watered down the jam too much. Next time, just use the jam straight from the jar.


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