Keeping up with the Internet: Using readers

So, how many times have you found a great website or blog, created a bookmark because you “really wanted to keep reading it” and then you completely forget to regularly look at it? Then, when you finally do remember, you suddenly realize you just spent 4 hours catching up on that groovy blog instead of walking your dog, doing the laundry or watching the full season of “Supernatural” you have stored on your Tivo. Yep … I’ve been there.

How to keep up on the best celebrity gossip, the latest LOLCats pics or (ahem) this lovely blog you’re reading now? Google Reader! What is Google Reader, you may ask? (Yes, you may ask.) Well, what Reader does is compile links to sites you like to visit, and list new entries on these sites on a continual basis. As Google writes “Google Reader constantly checks your favorite news sites and blogs for new content. Whether a site updates daily or monthly, you can be sure that you won’t miss a thing.”

All links to sites and blogs you want to monitor are listed on one page. They highlight when new entries are added to the sites and excerpts are listed on the Reader page. They include links to the actual blog, so if you want to read more, just click the link.

OK, I admit I wasn’t really a fan or could see much use for this, but Craig has swayed me to the light side of the Reader force. Over the last few months, I’ve learned how to use the Reader better. For example, I’m a newshound and regularly troll Google News, CNN and I have found that I don’t want to add these sites to my Reader, because a) I check them all the time and b) they update way too frequently and so my number of new items on a daily basis numbered in the hundreds. Too much pressure to read!

For other websites and blogs, though, using Reader is perfect. I love celebrity gossip (I admit it!) so I have links to various websites that post celebrity news and pictures. I like blogs that talk about gadgets, so I have a few of those on my Reader list. I’m also big on TV blogs, so those get checked a lot. A LOT.

If you’d like to add my blog to your Reader, just scroll down to the end of the page and click on “Subscribe to: Posts”. Or you can add this link to any reader you’re using:


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