The first blog

Here’s my first blog entry. I’ve never had a blog. I’m not even quite sure what to write. I became interested in creating one, though, when a friend mentioned that I have lots of tips and tricks for things (internet-ly or not) and that I should post them somewhere. Thus, the blog.

So, the tip that came up yesterday is using Open Table ( This is a free service that allows you to make restaurant reservations at many places around the valley. It’s actually a nationwide service, but since I don’t travel too often, I use it locally. For every reservation you make (and by “make”, I mean actually go to the restaurant and dine, not just make the reservation online), you are awarded 100 points. Points are collected until you reach various milestones and receive gift certificates. There are special times/places where you can get 1,000 points, too, like early dinners or new restaurants.

I’ve been using this for a few years now and have never had any problems with the service. In fact, many times the restaurant calls me the day before the event to confirm the reservation (this is especially true of higher-end restaurants).

Some things to note, though. If you have a very special request of a restaurant (like wanting to make reservations for a special table or a particular event), you may want to call the restaurant directly. Open Table is more for day-to-day events.


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